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Here are the most frequently asked questions we get when establishing a relationship with our customers or from the customer when looking for light bulbs. If we still haven't answered your question, please contact us at 1-800-648-1163 and any of our lighting specialists can help.

Q. Who can buy from Bulbman?
Q. Who makes your lamps?
Q. How quickly can I get the lamp I need?
Q. How can I order the lamp, if I don't know what it is?
Q. What type of guarantee do I have?
Q. What products are in stock?
Q. What is an Incandescent light bulb?
Q. Why choose Halogen?
Q. Why use Krypton light bulbs?
Q. What are Halogen Infrared light bulbs?
Q. What is ICE PAR?
Q. What is Neodymium?
Q. What does Dichroic mean?


Who can buy from Bulbman?
A. Anyone. There is no minimum order, we accept all major credit cards and all orders are shipped on the same day. Special pricing is available for dealers. We have stores located in Las Vegas, Reno, and Sacramento, that welcome all walk-in customers. You will find the salespeople very knowledgeable and you can even schedule an appointment for an on-site consultation at no cost or obligation.
Who makes your lamps?
A. We supply lamps from over 1000 manufacturers lamps, including GE, Philips, and Osram/Sylvania.
How quickly can I get the lamp I need?
A. We ship most orders on the same day and have them delivered within 2 days, next day delivery is available.
How can I order the lamp if I don't know what it is?
A. We make hard-to-find lamps easy to find. Our salespeople have hundreds of pages of cross reference information to find your lamp by your equipment make and model, or by physical description.
What type of guarantee do I have?
A. Bulbman guarantees all lamps regardless of the manufacturer. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a replacement lamp or credit your account.
What products are in stock?
A. Any product that is not in stock will is labeled as "sold out". In some cases a product may not be labeled this way, but is actually out of stock due to fluctuating stock levels.
What is an Incandescent light bulb?
A. Incandescent lamps are the original light source where a tungsten wire filament heats and glows. It is the most common light source with a low color temperature and high CRI casting a warm light. These lamps are inexpensive and are available in a wide variety of sizes and wattages. However, they are not energy efficient because most of the energy they consume is given off as heat.
Why choose Halogen?
A. Halogen is a refinement of the incandescent light bulb offering crisp, white light, excellent beam control, high lumen maintenance, energy savings, compact size and longer life due to the halogen gas which causes the evaporated tungsten to redeposit on the filament rather than on the glass like an incandescent.
Why use Krypton light bulbs?
A. The use of Krypton gas in incandescent light bulbs results in high efficiencies and longer lamp life. Krypton gas possesses a heavier molecular structure and a higher atomic weight than the standard argon gas, thus insuring slower circulation and heat transmission resulting in slower tungsten filament evaporation. Slower filament evaporation results in reduced blackening of the lamp walls and higher maintained lumen output. The Krypton gas also eliminates most of the yellow hues and gives off a whiter light.
What are Halogen Infrared light bulbs?
A. Halogen Infrared or HIR lamps retain all of the benefits of standard halogen but are even more efficient. Halogen-IR uses a high-temperature reflective film to coat the inner lamp and trap wasted invisible infrared light within it. This redirected infrared heats the filament to produce more visible light, resulting in efficiency gains over standard halogen lamps of over 40%. You get the same crisp white light, beam control, and compactness of standard halogen.
What is ICE PAR?
A. Stanpro ICE PAR ™ halogen lamps are a revolutionary development providing soft and uniform lighting. By using ICE PAR lamps, you can obtain similar benefits of PAR halogen lamps while eliminating problems associated with them. The frosted lens provides soft low-glare illumination by eliminating dark lines and shadows. The lamps provide consistently distributed light while maintaining the white look of a halogen light bulb.
What is Neodymium?
A. Neodymium is a type of mineral used in the glass of the light bulb to suppress yellow hues and give off a whiter light. Closer to natural daylight.
What does Dichroic Mean?
A. An incandescent lamp emits much more energy than is included in the visible region. Dichroic coatings and filters are used to separate heat from light. This process reflects most of the visible light and allows most of the heat to pass through and out the back of the lamp.
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