DT00841 Projector Light Bulb Assembly: 220 watt original Ushio bulb View larger



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Manufacturers Part NumberDT00841
Life in Hours2000
AKADT00911, CPX200LAMP, CPX201LAMP, CPX300LAMP, CPX301LAMP, CPX400LAMP, CPX401LAMP LKX64, 78-6966-9917-2, 78-6969-9925-5, 456-8775G RLC-031, RBB-009H
Equipment ID3M X64 3M X64w 3M X66 Dukane ImagePro 8755G Dukane ImagePro 8755G-RJ Dukane ImagePro 8781 Dukane ImagePro 8782 Dukane ImagePro 8912 Dukane ImagePro 8913 Dukane ImagePro 8913H Dukane ImagePro 8913-W Hitachi CP-WX410 Hitachi CP-X200 Hitachi CP-X201 Hitachi
ManufacturerGeneric Brand

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DT00841 Projector Light Bulb Assembly: 220 watt high quality original Ushio bulb inside. AKA: DT00911, CPX200LAMP, CPX201LAMP, CPX300LAMP, CPX301LAMP, CPX400LAMP, CPX401LAMP, LKX64, 78-6966-9917-2, 78-6969-9925-5, 456-8775G, RLC-031, RBB-009H Operates: 456-8755G, 456-8755H, 78-6966-9917-2, 78-6969-9917-2, 78-6969-9947-9, CP-WX410, CP-X200, CP-X201, CP-X205, CP-X206, CP-X300, CP-X301, CP-X305, CP-X306, CP-X308, CP-X400, CP-X401, CP-X417, CP-X450, CP-X467, DT00841, DT00911, ED-X30, ED-X31, ED-X32, ED-X33, HCP-800X, HCP-80X, HCP-880X, HCP-900X, 8755G, 8755H, 8781, 8782, 8912, 8912H, 8913, 8913H, 8916H, 8917H, LKX64, PJ758, PJ759, PJ760, RBB-009H, RLC-031, WX66, X64, X64W, X66, X76


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