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Back order, Extra Charges

We have ordered twice in the past few months and BOTH orders were back ordered. Once the bulbs came in we were sent an email stating that they didn't charge us enough and would not ship the order until we paid them a second time. The only plus is that yes, they do have light bulbs, as long as you don't mind waiting a couple weeks extra for them to ship out.

Eric N.03/13/2020

We apologize for your inconvenience in backorder status on both of your orders from us.  Unfortunately, supply chain issues have been more frequent lately as our industry is impacted by factory closures in China.

Currently, we are unable to provide exact shipping costs Immediately upon purchase of lamps on our website.  We always contact our customers before shipping to give them the option of continuing their purchase if freight is more than originally quoted.  Due to the distance of your location from our warehouse and the bulky size of these lamps, shipping costs were higher than we originally expected.  We can do no more than be transparent in the cost of shipping and provide you an option before shipment.

Great Transaction
Great company to deal with. Keeps you informed on back orders and shipping. Will always order from Bulbman.
Patricia S.03/10/2020
Quick responses
Thank you for the prompt service!!!
Michelle V.03/05/2020
Chandelier bulbs
Found what I needed quickly, very happy.
Donna Beth C.02/23/2020
great service and even greater delivery so fast!
maria d.02/03/2020
Broken during shipment

Bulbs broke during shipment and seller clearly states no responsibility. When your business is shipping LIGHT BULBS you need to do better than this.

Daniel G.01/16/2020

We do apologize for your inconvenience.  Once our packages leave our warehouse, we have no control over how they are treated on their way to you.  The shippers will not provide guarantee on lighting and we only extend this exception to fluorescent tubing because of they are prone to breakage.  We do cover other bulbs even though the shipping companies won't. We have to balance between packaging and shipping costs and do our best to do right by our customer.

outstanding customer service even though now mostly digital
Peter A.01/14/2020
DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD w/ out the product

Your web site did not indicate a BACKORDER or OUT OF STOCK condition. Just a few minutes apart, I received multiple e-mails from bulbman 1) Welcome to Bulbman ( Another account w/. passorod !!!) 2) Order Confirmation 3) Payment Accepted 4) Receipt for Payment from paypal 5) ON BACKORDER ! You should not have charged my credit card if the product was on backorder.

RICHARD D.01/09/2020

You authorized PayPal to charge your card at the time of purchase which is an external credit card processor. We notified you right away that the product was back ordered.  Unfortunately, the process is mostly automated, but we try to notify customers of back orders as soon as we are aware of them.  We apologize for your frustration and we shipped your back order as soon as it arrived at our warehouse.

Good service via email site. Products arrived unbroken and on a timely basis. Product was exactly as I ordered.
Walter H.01/07/2020
efficient service
bulbman was recommended to us by a local lamp store who said they purchased many of their bulbs from them. They had the odd-sized bulb that we needed and couldn't find anywhere else, and it was quickly shipped to us. We highly recommend them.
Diana A.12/23/2019
Been doing business here for years; great customer service and great prices.
Smith D.10/29/2019
Top rating
Very satisfied
Pat J.10/28/2019
purchacing agent
Thomas W.10/28/2019
Great Job Guys (and gals)
Thanks for the great service and response times and help when I have questions!
Brad H.09/26/2019
There were no surprises. Thank you.
Donald Y.08/23/2019
I was able to find the odd bulb I needed. I thought they were no longer produced but Bulbman's shop let me see they had them and were in stock. What a relief! Great site.
Gary B.08/22/2019
Great Transaction Again
As usual my order with Bulbman was quick informative and a pleasure to do business. I will only ever order from Bulbman! Thanks for a great Transaction! Pat
Patricia S.07/31/2019
I emailed to ask which bulb i needed for my unusual light fixture, they told me, i bought it and it’s perfect! I will shop with them again.
Tess R.07/31/2019
Easy Ordering good stock levels
The web site makes it easy to find the bulbs I need. Checkout is quick and easy. Fair shipping charges.
Kevin M.07/24/2019
Bulbman Shop
Bulbs were packed with tons of paper to protect the long trip from Reno to NC.
NAN W.07/23/2019
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